Wednesdays at The Tchoup Yard will return February 2018!

Join NOLA Tribe Yoga as we bring our funkiest flows and pumped up playlists to The Tchoup Yard's badass yoga yard! Come sweat for your drinks and work for your food trucks… or as we like to put it… DETOX to RETOX.

*Yoga is always free!*
*Food Truck: 
Karibu Kitchen will be serving delicious eats to feed your belly and your soul!*

Schedule: (no RSVP needed)

Optional 5k Warm Up Run: 5:35pm
YOGA: 6:30 – 7:30pm,
TWISTED: 7:30 – 'til

What to Bring:*Yoga mat *Friends *Boo thang *Mouths equipped to Smile, Laugh, Sip & Gulp.


Photos from Rosé-Tinted Yoga at Pearl Wine Co


Want to bring yoga to your local watering hole? 

Healthy, active, social members of the community are just the type of individuals your business craves more exposure with.  Yoga is the perfect large-scale community activity to bring this tame, mindful clientele into your business. We organize fee per-person yoga events which include an hour long yoga session followed by drinks and socializing. Exact price and drink allotments vary by location. Great for drumming up attention and spurring business during your “slow times”.

Amenities: New Orleans Based Cocktail Bars, Wineries and Breweries.

Typical Rates

$25/per person

$15/per person

All prices are negotiable and subject to change based on facility and occasion

Thirsty yet?


Positive Vibes

"On the very first night...

I moved to New Orleans I went to NTY's Tchoup Yard Free Spirited yoga class - that was 6 months ago and needless to say they keep me coming back! Such an amazing tribe with amazing vibes, the yoga classes are the highlight of my week! Wonderful for all skill levels, and if you've never done yoga no worries! They are extremely inclusive and wonderful - you won't regret it!! Thanks to all the instructors, you mean so much to all of us and it's incredible what you do"
- Amanda Jane O. 
November 2017

"Made me a believer!...

Had a hard time getting into yoga and took Baye's class at Tchoup yard and am a changed lady! Love the whole concept, these are some brilliant ladies."
- Alissa D. 
April 2017

"I went to my first...

NOLA Tribe Yoga class at Tchoup Yard at the end of June.. my workout partner and I were trying to find yoga classes around the city. Needless to say, we’ve become hooked. I participate in the run each week and then we join a large, supportive group of yogis on our mats. The instructors are so down to earth and promote such a non-judgmental atmosphere which means this class is accepting of all levels! I truly look forward to my hump day treat each week!"
- Hannah Joy G.
November 2017




Because there aren't enough opportunities to drink in New Orleans. 

At least this time you'll get some exercise and mindfulness to supress that hangover.