NOLA Tribe Yoga is an on-site yoga and wellness company working to promote and strengthen the spirit of New Orleans and each of our own. 

A tribe celebrates together. A tribe grows together. A tribe defends itself and defends every member. 
New Orleans is the quintessential tribe.

Upcoming Classes:

Donation-Based Sunrise Yoga

Community Yoga, Lakefront

Experience New Orleans' most beautiful community spaces in a whole new way. Donation-based and open to the public, bringing New Orleanians together in peace and unity. 

Corporate Offices and Events


Offer on-site professional yoga classes at your corporate office. An employee benefit that is proven to help businesses' bottom line. 


Community Yoga Classes

Achieve double the zen with yoga followed by spirits and socializing in some of New Orleans'  best outdoor bars, hotels and gardens!

Buti Yoga

baye buti 3.png

Buti Yoga workouts are sweaty and fun and loud and bold and intense. They will transform your BODY and SOUL with cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, power yoga, primal movement + conditioning woven into a dynamic flow. 

Bride Tribe Yoga

The perfect way to achieve peace during an otherwise stressful wedding process. Bachelorette party fun and pre-wedding bridal bliss are just a few of the ways to incorporate yoga into this busy and exciting time.   

Private Parties & Classes

A great alternative to another expensive night out, host a private yoga party at your home! Individual classes available for those looking to take their yoga abilities to the next level. 

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"There are a lot of places I like, But I like New Orleans better" - Bob Dylan