NOLA Brides

Woman commits the rest of her life to man. Woman now needs some zen and understanding in her life. 

Bride Tribe Yoga to the rescue; offering a variety of packages and classes to bring the bride back to a blissful state! We are happy to host yoga at your special venue or help arrange an alternate spot. We know you have plenty of things to keep track of throughout the wedding planning process, we create a seamless, flexible experience that suits your needs. No outside input needed!

All packages can be adapted to your budget and desired add-ons. Dream big and we'll make it happen! 

Basic Bride: $50 
One-on-one, 60-minute yoga class. You’re anything but basic, but something revolving around your wedding needs to be simple and while not breaking the bank. Great for the morning of the wedding or in the hectic days leading up. Each additional guest + $15.

Worriless Wedding Week: $110  
Three, one-on-one, 60-minute yoga classes leading up to the big day. We fit around your busy weekend plans! 

Harmonious Hubby: $80         
60-minute yoga class for the bride and groom. On the biggest day of your lives together, you want to be mindful, in the moment and completely harmonious as you walk down the aisle. Join together to indulge in a unified, peaceful experience before the big day whisks you away!

Guest List Gathering: $200 
A great event to fill your weekend of activities for your wedding guests. This is a fun, relaxing event and gives your guests the chance to meet and exercise. A budget friendly option too!

Bridal Shower: $180
Don’t want just another bridal shower? A yoga themed event will be a great way to enthuse guests and create a peaceful mood surrounding the wedding. 

*Yoga mat rentals provided upon request for $3 each. Final count needed 1 week in advance.


NOLA Bachelorettes

In New Orleans, detox to retox is the name of the game. Let’s get you ready to play.

You’ve chosen New Orleans to host your bachelorette party, you clearly make good decisions. Let us help make this weekend better than you could imagine.  Whether you want to unify the group or restore some peace after a crazy night out, an amazing zen-filled yoga session is just what the doctor ordered. We can host your party on a hotel rooftop, outdoor park, local studio, or a special spot in the city -  we work with you to fit seamlessly within your weekend plans. Have virgin yogis joining us? Fret not, we adapt the session to all skill levels.

We’ve outlined some of our most popular options but each one can be adapted to your budget and desired add-ons. The sky's the limit; we’ll thrive off your creativity.

Basic Bachelorette: $100 minimum or $15 per head
- 55-minute yoga for entire party *

Bubbly Bachelorette: $100 minimum or $25 per head
- 55-minute yoga for entire party *
- Champagne or Mimosa Toast
- Cold Lavender Eye Towels

Bundled Bachelorette: $140 minimum or $35 per head
- 55-minute yoga for entire party *
- Cold Lavender Eye Towels
- Champagne or Mimosa Toast
- Light & healthy breakfast

*Yoga mat rentals provided upon request for $3 each. Final count needed 1 week in advance.



Make your party extra special by including some of these signature items. Also great ideas for group gifts or trip mementos!

  • Flower Crowns : $5 each
    Multiple color options available; white available for Bride.

  • Go-Cups (a New Orleans Tradition!)
    Bride Tribe: $5 each
    Custom Printing (1-month pre-order required): $8 each

  • T-shirts or tanks
    Bride Tribe: $30 each
    Custom Printing: $35 each, minimum of 12

  • Monogrammed Yoga Mats : $35 each
    1-month pre-order required

  • Event photographer: $150
    1-hour session, digital files included, prints sold separately
    Usable for the yoga event or an alternate time during your weekend stay.

New Orleans Bachelorette Planning Services

  • Travel Guide: $5
    Downloadable guide including the best places to eat, drink and sight-see in New Orleans! Click here

  • Full Trip Support: $100
    Personalized itinerary adapted to your travel dates and group interests. We’ll secure reservations for the city’s best restaurants, unique city tours, and group “musts”. Real time travel advice and support while you’re in town.


Positive Vibes

Seek out. 

"What you seek is seeking you."

Soft landings. 

"I will catch you if you fall."

— Your yoga mat

You are love.

"Practice love until you remember that you are love."




Allow your wedding to be a blissful time with family and friends.

Join together in peace and unity leading up to one of the most special days of your life.