We're so excited to host your bachelorette yoga class in New Orleans! Please fill out the information below to the best of your ability, if you don't know, confer with the gals, and then complete the form. If you still have questions please refer to the New Orleans FAQ page here. If all else fails, we got'cha back!

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For day-of coordination
We have 2 different styles of packages - (1) basic which includes yoga and cold lavender eye towels ($150 minimum or $20/person), (2) bubbly which includes a champagne/mimosa toast and cold lavender eye towels ($175 minimum or $25/person)
Date *
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We can host the class in a variety of locations: the Airbnb, or *hotel where you'll be staying can be a good option. Otherwise we can coordinate to host it in a outdoor community spot (City Park / Lakefront / Armstrong Park / Audubon Park / Lafayette Square Park) depending on what's most convenient location wise. We could also rent out a partner facility if needed (pending availability, at a slightly increased cost). *hotels typically require prior approval to host class. If you would like to explore this possibility, please let us know your second choice in case the hotel isn't on board.
In case you need help with the previous question! Also a good backup option in the case of inclement weather.
Will everyone be able to bring their own yoga mat or will we need to supply them? The rental prices are $3 per mat
We love to be able to customize your class as much as possible and know that girlfriends usually have songs or bands that are special to you. Please let us know if there's any in particular that you'd like us to use for the class!
We love to repost our bachelorette photos on Instagram and Facebook! If you are able, please send us the instagram handles of the girls attending as well as any hashtags you’ll be using for the weekend!