Baye's Yogi Gift Guide

Yogi Gift Guide 2016

Still looking for a gift for your favorite yogi-bae?  (cough, Yoga Baye, maybe?)

With the holidays just around the corner (how great is it that Christmas and Hanukah fall at the same time this year?!)  and birthdays year-round, I can think of no better time to share some of my most favorite yogi things (cue singing, ‘these are a few of my favorite thiiiingggsss’).  I had grand visions of this being a totally organic/vegan/anti-corporate list, but hey, life happens.  I’ll save that for next year.

Yogi Gear Gifts:

1.       Reversible 3mm Yoga Mat (Lululemon $58) click here

Every successful yoga class begins on the mat.  Treat your yogi to one of the best on the market.  There are a ton of color options, and while 3mm is definitely thick enough, the 5mm is PLUSH.

2.       Champagne Leggings (Gold Sheep Clothing $98) click here

3.       Veuve Clicquot Rose’ All Day Leggings (Gold Sheep Clothing $98) click here

Check out Gold Sheep Clothing.  If for nothing other than sheer entertainment.  You wanted yoga pants with gingerbread men on them!  They’ve got it?  Whether you’re a poppin’ bottles type of girl like me (LOVE Veuve Rose) or a sushi girl, they’ve got the pants to serve your yogi soul.  More fun than function, but you’ll be the hit of your studio!

4.       Power Y Tank (Lululemon $52) click here

Lululemon has kept this tank in rotation for multiple seasons now.  They last forever, the colors are great, the length is perfect (slight butt coverage without riding up) and the built in bra actually works!  I have it in multiple colors and it’s always the top I dig for in my drawer!

5.       Rebecca Minkoff Yoga Mat Bag (ShopBop $95) click here

Whether you use a yoga bag or a mat strap, yogis on the go usually have their hands too full to carry a yoga mat in-hand.  I especially like this bag because it’s not too bulky, but it fits my extra thick mat (not an extra wide mat though) and it even has a little zipper pocket for a card (gym, debit, whatever) and a hand towel.

6.       Seamless Long Sleeve Mesh Top (Fabletics $35) click here

Fabletics is one of my favorite affordable athletic-wear brands.  This long-sleeved top is especially affordable and perfect for those brisk days when you still want the ventilation, but a little more coverage as well.  The material and stretch is great and can easily go from studio to street!

7.       S’well Water Bottle (Athleta $35) click here

A $35 water bottle?!  Seriously?  Hear me out.  The S’well bottle is the best water bottle I’ve ever owned.  It keeps drinks cold (or hot) for up to 24 hours.  And in a 100 degree yoga class, you WANT that water COLD.  Additionally, you can leave it in the car in the morning, leave it for a whole day (even in the hot sun!) and it will be waiting for you, cold as ever, when you get back to it 12 hours later.  I’ve listed the biggest one (yogi’s need to rehydrate!) here, but there are smaller, less expensive versions available as well.  I love the champagne color and the marbled colors.   (I also gave the smaller ones to my bridesmaids as a thank you gift!)

8.       Spiritual Gangster: Peace, Love, Yoga Hoodie (Revolve Clothing $98) click here

Although it’s one of the most pricey items on the gift list, this cozy sweatshirt is a great gift for your on-trend yogi-bae.  Spiritual Gangster is more fashion than function, but it’s always nice to be cozy AND cute after a sweaty class.

9.       Manduka Skidless Yoga Mat Towel (Nordstrom Rack $40) click here

For all our hot-yoga yogis, a good mat towel is crucial.  This one is particularly nice because of the little sticky-dots which prevent your yoga towel from slipping!

10.   Minnetonka Fringe Bootie (Minnetonka $43) click here

I love a cozy, easy, soft moccasin (boot or regular) to slip into as I transition from class to my car or to grab a quick post-yoga bite with friends.  From studio-to-street, they even look cute with leggings!

11.   Hand Appliqued Yoga Mat Sling (Soulie $68) click here

Handwoven Yoga Strap (Soulie $38) click here

Soulie created some of the most beautiful yoga straps and bags.  I love the colorful options and I love that they are handwoven!  (The nice thing about a yoga mat-strap is that you can also use it as a strap in class as well!)

12.   How to Live Bundle – 5 Books; Thich Nhat Hanh (Parallax $40) click here

For your mindful, meditative yogi, this little set of how-to books is a sweet reminder of how to relax – a MUST during the holiday season!

13.   Mahabis Classic Slipper (Mahabi $100) click here

While I don’t own these, 2 yogis in my class were separately raving about them!  With a removable sole (you choose the color!), they easily transition from outdoor slip-ons to sanctuary-approved slippers!


Stocking Stuffers:

14.   The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Barnes and Noble $11) click here

If your yogi is already a teacher, they probably already have this book.  The Yoga Sutra is widely regarded as the authoritative text on yoga. Written in 400BC, it explains the foundation of yoga as an eight-limb path to enlightenment.

15.   No Crease Hair Ties – Set of 10 (Daily Sale $6) click here

These are my favorite!  As someone who has to keep her hair tied up for multiple hours a day, these minimize hair breakage, and the elastic never snaps.

16.   Dove Spray Deodorant (Target $5) click here

Spray deodorant (to-go sizes available) is awesome for the quick between-class refresher.  I like a to-go version because it’s easy to throw in a yoga bag.

17.   Yoga Mat Wipes (Target $20) click here

While most studios offer mat spray and towels, for yogis who carry their mat to different events around town, it is nice to be able to clean your mat immediately after use.

18.   Under Armour Headband (Nordstrom $15) click here

We like the wide-strap because it eeps the sweat off, and it doesn’t slip.  Under Armour was widely regarded among my yogis as having some of the best flow-functional headbands. 

Yogi Panties (Lululemon $18) click here

Yogi Thong (Lululemon $16) click here

Stay fresh, stay dry, stay clean.

19.   Rockaholic Dry Shampoo (Ulta $10) click here

Completing the studio-to-street transition, dry shampoo is an awesome revitalist for sweaty yogi hair.  While it does seem to be more loved by yogis with lighter colored hair, they do make versions for dark hair as well!  Another brand I like is called Batiste (they have different color-aligned versions) and it can be found at Walgreens!

Other Ideas:

Beautiful Mermaid Yoga Tote Bag (Stela9 $175) click here

Stela 9 items are handmade by skilled artisans, created through a meticulous process of locally-sourced textiles to preserve cultural traditions of artisans throughout Latin America.  Stela 9 directly contributes to the livelihood and sustainability of the indigenous communities from where these cherished items originate.

Full disclosure, I was given one of these for my birthday, and it is still my most favorite bag I’ve ever received. 

The colors are so bright and beautiful.  It is beautifully unique.   Whether you use it as an overnighter, a yoga bag, or an amazing mommy-bag, you will get tons of compliments!  No one will have one like it and I won’t tell where it’s from if you don’t!

Cozy Wrap Scarf/Shawl/Vest (Lululemon $118) click here

Cozy, cute, and extremely wearable (as a scarf, poncho, vest, etc),this is a versatile gift from a dependable brand.  Great for when you aren’t ready to play the “guess-my-size” game!

Yoga Every Damn Day: Motive #2

Yoga Every Damn Day: Motive #2

Documenting my journey as I do #yogaeverydamnday for 30 days.  Coming straight to you from day # 7!

#YogaEveryDamnDay is a hashtag alongside of a challenge created by yoga teacher Rachel Breathen. It began as a monthly Instagram-based challenge do yoga-something (meditation, pranayama, asana) every day for one month. Rachel’s intention was to remind people that yoga is more than a pose, but a multifaceted practice that can have immense value when practiced every day. It has since become a mantra for many yogis old and new.

Motive #2: I promised myself I would start meditating 6 damn months ago.

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Yoga Every Damn Day (A.K.A. #yogaeverydamnday)

Yoga Every Damn Day (A.K.A. #yogaeverydamnday)

[#YogaEveryDamnDay is a hashtag alongside of a challenge created by yoga teacher Rachel Breathen. It began as a monthly Instagram-based challenge do yoga-something (meditation, pranayama, asana) every day for one month. Rachel’s intention was to remind people that yoga is more than a pose, but a multifaceted practice that can have immense value when practiced every day. It has since become a mantra for many yogis old and new.]

Today, I did yoga.  Let me revise that: Today, I woke up at 5:40am to do yoga. And now it’s 8 hours later I’m resolving to do Yoga Every Damn Day for the next month.

There’s a variety of motives that have led me to this resolution. And apparently I think they’re important enough to tell you about.

Motive #1: I’m starting a damn yoga company. 

I think I could theoretically drop the mic and end the post here, bet let me expound.

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