New Orleans real estate spaces must think of ways to creatively attract and keep new clients, especially in the age of increasing rent and parking costs. Add the perk of on-site yoga to your building’s benefits structure! Hosting weekly classes, or large-scale quarterly events will be the perfect way to entice clientele to spread positive reviews and bring referrals through the door. Flexible pricing and cost-sharing options make this a low-cost, high-benefit program for your building!



Let us work with you to determine the best spot in your building to host yoga. Lobbies, workout rooms or rooftops are the preferred spots but improvisation and creativity is our specialty.


$60 minimum, as low as $5 per person!
Building/tenant cost sharing options available. 

$40 individual classes in the convenience of your own residence. 


Positive Vibes

What makes a home. 

"Home is not a place, it's a feeling."

How she loves. 

"If you love New Orleans, she'll love you back."

- Drew Brees

Beauty is fleeting. 

"Home: where you can look ugly and enjoy it."





Spend quality time with your neighbors. 

Ignite a sense of community and trust in your beloved New Orleans neighborhood.