We started NOLA Tribe Yoga with the intention of infusing movement, mindfulness and community into unique New Orleans spaces. We're happy to have amazing partners that invite us to practice in their spaces as well as hosting in beautiful community spaces throughout the city. All of our events are open to the public. Some are free, some are donation-based, and others require a ticket... while ALL are amazing. We hope you'll try each of them and become a part of our TRIBE!

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Roch & Flow

Mondays 6pm
Donation Based Event

December NOLA Tribe Yoga is back at St. Roch Market in their beautiful event spaceOliver's Variety from December through January! Class is donation-based (recommended donation ranges from $5-$15) will take place in the upstairs event space! Spots will be limited, so reservations should be made via Eventbrite link to reserve your spot!


Buti Yoga

Wednesdays, 6:30pm
$15 per class, 3-class pack for $35 (pay at the door via Venmo, Cash, Check)

Sweat with intention.
Buti Yoga is a primarily female-focused fitness and movement, Buti Yoga says that you are perfect in this moment. All we ask is that come with a willing and open mind.

Space is limited. Tickets are pay-at the door, but reservations must be made in advance via the Eventbrite link (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/buti-yoga-nola-tickets-39985282055) on this page. 


L.I.T. Yoga Rave

2nd event coming soon, Spring 2018!
$25 Ticketed Event

L.I.T.: Love Intention Tribe

NOLA Tribe Yoga + Train With Daymo + Republic NOLA have teamed up to bring you NEW ORLEANS’ FIRST “YOGA RAVE” EXPERIENCE! 

L.I.T. syncs the sound, lights, & visuals of a live electronic show with a high-intensity fitness flow for a powerful experience that will stay with you long after the sweat dries!

Power Yoga // Buti Yoga // HIIT // Pilates
Led by Baye & Daymian, this carefully choreographed 60-minute sweat-sesh is designed to fulfill both your body & mind!

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Free Spirited Yoga

Currently on Winter Break, resuming
Spring 2018

Wednesdays, 6:30pm
Optional 5k Warm Up Run: 5:35pm
FREE Event

NOLA Tribe Yoga brings our funkiest flows and pumped up playlists to The Tchoup Yard's badass yoga yard! Come sweat for your drinks and work for your Karibu Kitchen… or as we like to put it… DETOX to RETOX.

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Sunrise Yoga

Currently on Winter Break, resuming
Spring 2018

Donation-Based Sunrise Yoga
Mondays 6:30am, Lakefront
Tuesdays 6:30am, Coliseum Square Park
Wednesdays 7am, Morning Call, City Park
Tursdays 6:30am, Lakefront






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Goat Yoga in the Garden

Currently on Winter Break, resuming
Spring 2018

Tucked away in a lush garden oasis lies a little yogi sanctuary. As the weather gets cooler, and the sun sinks lower, we invite you to join Yoga with Baye for a $10 Monday night yoga-in-the-garden series at Paradigm Gardens. The flowers are blooming, the vegetables are ripe, and the smell of fresh basil and rosemary herbs create the most amazing space for you to disconnect from the noise and settle into New Orleans fall. The event is only scheduled for 5 sessions, and there will be various perks across the weeks. Space is limited, so after the eventbrite registrations, it will be first come, first serve! 


Positive Vibes

What makes a home. 

"Home is not a place, it's a feeling."

How she loves. 

"If you love New Orleans, she'll love you back."

- Drew Brees

Beauty is fleeting. 

"Home: where you can look ugly and enjoy it."